Just letting you know I am currently reconstructing my site so please bare with me.

My name is Ruby Sellards-D’Errico and I am a proud patriot of the greatest country in existence...

The United States of America

I love my country and everything about her. (You gotta take the bad with the good). You can work to change it but don’t turn your back on your country for it. There is nothing this country does that could cause me to hate it the way so many do. ❤️🤍💙

My goal is to keep the men and women of this great country as well as around the world informed on what she’s going through.

Before I get into what you will find throughout my website I want to inform you that if you see an i within a circle it is a link to whatever I am discussing whether it be an executive order, notice or a newspaper article.

Throughout my site you will find a dedication page. I will pick one hero and dedicate an entire page to them for a while.

Next you will find a heroes page. This is for past, present, alive or fallen law enforcement, military and first responders. If you have someone you would like to honor, just click on the contact tab and let me know.

And lastly there is my contact page. It will have links to email me, to subscribe as well as reach our Facebook Page and Group.

Coming Soon will be an America First Store

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