This young lady here gives me hope for our future. I came across her on TikTok.

I have seen posts and heard people talk about how our military are nothing more than trained murderers. How they don’t deserve respect, they don’t deserve “discounts”, they don’t deserve this and that.

And over my years it seems not as many young people cared anymore. Patriotism has been turned into a negative thing. So for a while I was concerned.

But then I seen her post on TikTok which I will share below and it made my heart sink.

This young lady is a true Patriot. When I seen her video I seen pure American pride gleaming out of her face. I reached out immediately and told her I wanted to feature her here. It took some time for us to get in Touch but it finally happened.

So I will show her video and then I’ll share a little more info

Let me introduce to you an 18 year old true American Patriot. She’s out of Virginia. And she’s willing to do what so many are not today. She is going to put her life on the line for our great nation and ALL her countrymen and women. She is joining, in my opinion, the best branch we have. No offense to the rest.

Kaitlyn Doyle, soon to be MARINE!!

I asked her what made her decide to join the Marine Corp and this is what she had to say.

“What made me what to join is protecting the things I love, my family, faith, and country. If anything were to happen over seas or even at home, I want to be there to help. Not just protecting what I love, but protecting the people who signed up to make the same sacrifices I’m willing to make as well. It’s been my dream since I was little to enlist but I didn’t rest know what or how, but after finding the Marine Corps branch and what it stands for. Honor, courage, and commitment. I feel it is finally my turn to fill the shoes of brave veterans and fallen soldiers and fight for my country every day.”