friends and



Had to say

“I loved

and admired her greatly.

She served this country

boldly and proudly.

She was passionate enough to die

for what she believed in. “

~Her Mother ~



~Her grandfather

Tony Mazziett


always said "being an American, is being an American, regardless of race, ethnicity or beliefs.

If you're Team America,

then you’re team America. REGARDLESS"

~Her Brother,

Andrew Witthoeft~

"My wife was a strong supporter of Trump and a great patriot

to all who knew her."

"She loved her country and she was doing!

What’s she thought was right-

to support her country.

Joining up with like-minded people

that also love

their country and President."

~Husband ~

Aaron Babbitt

"Never afraid to speak her mind and going to the rally on the 6th

was her way of speaking her mind."

“You would never forget meeting her".

"She was loud and opinionated but caring, thoughtful,

loving and someone who loved America with all her heart."

Ex Husband

Timothy McEntee


Lived hard And loved

her country

More than anyone.

I know I’m gonna miss her so muc

Krista Clarke